About Me

Nancy Johnson RNC BS
QNRT Practitioner

Authentic in every aspect, and brandishing a career brimming with a voracious commitment to learning and holistic health; Nancy Johnson, genuinely and engagingly, exhibits the compassion, energy, intuition and individual care that have become the hallmarks of her life. A life-long search for an awareness and understanding of the elements that comprise a healthy life, has enabled her to develop an approach to helping others on an individually unique level. In her work, Nancy focuses on how the individual relates to their past and present, to their relationships with the people and structures in their lives, as well as developing a self-sustaining approach to a healthier more productive life, both physically and mentally. With a lengthy back ground in Psychiatric Nursing and 35+ years as a Health Care Professional, Nancy approaches her work with a refreshing sensitivity and warmth unparalleled in her field.

Her current passion, QNRT (Quantum Neurological Reset Therapy), is a protocol designed to shift the nervous system by resetting the brain’s response to emotional triggers, thus, calming the system down and allowing for new responses not cemented in past traumas. Unresolved stress and emotional traumas (past or present) gets stored in our physical bodies, and can lead to emotional or physical breakdown, creating imbalances in our lives. QNRT is a non-invasive protocol that resets emotional patterns, returning a healthy balance to our lives.