Essential Oils

We know more today about nutrition and health, than ever before. Yet almost every American is taking a supplement and/or a pharmaceutical medicine. Why, if we are so advanced in our health knowledge, are we also unhealthier than ever?
I have come to see essential oils as a fundamental element for achieving health, mental, physical and spiritual. The very essence of trees and plants are long established vehicles of healing. I’ve accepted my health as my own responsibility. We all need to empower ourselves to good health. Health is an act of self-love. 
If you are overwhelmed by the information out there about essential oils, I can help you navigate and sort through the often-inundating information. Some information may be misguided, leaving people bewildered and confused as to how essential oils can be used safely and effectively. 
Using natural therapies such as essential oils, is so much more than physical healing. It’s equally important in empowering and transforming yourself, and your life. 
My goal is to help clients return their bodies to a state of balanced equilibrium, (also known as homeostasis), so one can heal. Essential oils can play a powerful role in helping the body achieve homeostasis balance.