Discover the Power of QNRT
Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy (QNRT) is a protocol intended to initiate a shift by resetting the brain from emotional blocks and trauma stuck in the nervous system.
When you have these emotional blocks and traumas you begin to experience challenging dynamics that impact your nervous system on a negative level. These events then start to simultaneously imprint on your brain, tissues, and psyche. We often bury this information in our subconscious mind which then leads to dysfunction in how we see and navigate our life. This can lead to the way our body functions which leads to imbalances and disease. QNRT works to remove these emotional blocks, traumatic events, and life patterns that we hold onto. By letting go of our limiting beliefs and wounded emotions we begin to transform our relationships, restore our hope, and our symptoms of “dis-ease” can begin to disappear.

 What is QNRT?
Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy, more commonly known as QNRT, is a unique protocol designed to create a neuro-adaptive shift in the body to help the brain recover from unresolved emotional or physical traumas and life patterns that lead to imbalances in our lives. These imbalances eventually cause anything from troubled relationships, addictions, pain, and learning disabilities to major diseases or illnesses.
Unresolved emotional stress remains active in the body indefinitely. Whether we realize it or not, these “Adverse Emotional Experiences” are filed in the brain and may directly impact how we feel and think about certain events, even from the distant past, and inadvertently affect the nervous system which then leads to physical, mental and emotional breakdown. So, QNRT is designed to focus on these events that have a direct link to unwanted behaviors and physical concerns and help the brain to become more balanced, less stressed, and unburden these negative life patterns.
QNRT is a blend of leading-edge science, technology and healing modalities developed to bring the central nervous system and conscious mind into balance to optimize energy and success. It helps the body to release the residual difficult memories and traumatic events that effect our attitudes, limiting beliefs, and habitual behaviors.

How Does QNRT Work?
The principle is based on the belief that the brain and nervous system control and coordinate all functions of the body. When you have unresolved emotional stresses, past or present, creating long-term changes to the nervous system these can lead to physical, biochemical and emotional health dysfunctions in the body.
Most of us have experienced an accumulation of unresolved “Adverse Emotional Experiences”, either directly or indirectly, during our lifetime that have not been properly resolved. These common experiences are often associated through QNRT such as sleepiness or fatigue, anxiety or nervousness, pain and soreness, as well as gastrointestinal complications with past events causing emotional stressors.
Our bodies were not designed to sustain high levels of stress continuously over long extended periods of time. When the mind/body connection is performing at a reduced rate because of emotional overload it begins to weaken simple biological functions. When these emotional stressors and traumas happen to us, we start to create negative life patterns and false beliefs as a result, which then lead to disempowerment and an unhealthy mind and body. A major factor in obtaining and maintaining good health is having balance between the brain and nervous system.
QNRT explores the mind/body connection as it relates to these negative life patterns and emotional stressors that a client has created as coping mechanisms, and begins to help the client identify these traumas, along with the circumstances surrounding it. The certified QNRT practitioner then proceeds to activate the nervous system to reset and reprogram the neurological pathways to begin the facilitation process of healing these traumas.

QNRT Therapy
The QNRT program is designed to balance the brain and central nervous system by resetting the neurological pathways of the body and teach you how to:

  • Remove behavior patterns that are destructive
  • Restore marriages and other relationships
  • Reduce associated stress and tension related pain
  • Overcome some debilitating ailments
  • Regain energy and boost vitality
  • Live a fulfilling and happy life

The pursuit of wellness is easier than expected with QNRT as the benefits of this natural treatment include the following:

  • Non-invasive nature
  • No prescriptions
  • Very easy to understand and follow
  • No talk therapy
  • Compliments other treatments
  • Builds resilience against outside interferences

The QNRT Experience
The best way to learn about QNRT is to honestly experience it yourself and feel the impact of what it can do for you!
QNRT focuses on three main areas during therapy.

  • It RELEASES the Adverse Emotional Experiences that have been identified through assessing the stress factors of the mind/body connection.
  • It REPROGRAMS the coping mechanisms that you have constructed from these Adverse Emotional Experiences. These secondary patterns are created as ways of surviving these emotional traumas by using false belief systems, negative life patterns, and/or unwanted core drivers.
    1. Negative Life Patterns can include abandonment, emotional deprivation, dependence, subjugation, mistrust abuse protection, defective/unlovable, social exclusion, vulnerability, failure, unrelenting standards/perfectionism, entitlement, and self-sabotage.
    2. Core Drivers include feelings of being powerless, unsafe, unworthy, not whole, unwanted, unreal, unlovable, unsure, defective, out of balance and feeling nothing.
  • It RESETS the brain and neurological pathways to all parts of the body so that the individual can heal and break-free from the knot that has been created in the nervous system. This is one of the most important findings in helping clients overcome these hurdles and make positive healthy changes that are long lasting.

The Benefits of QNRT
QNRT is a powerful therapy that uses various healing modalities to retrain the nervous system to release and unburden the nervous system from these adverse emotional experiences by allowing you to receive life changing benefits of ongoing therapy such as:

  • Reduce the emotional stress load on the body that cause physical and emotional distress
  • Relieve the body of years of stress so that stress hormones can be controlled
  • Increase the healing power of the body to help relieve joint and muscle discomfort
  • Reestablish vitality and positive outlooks
  • Support overall well-being of the brain – memory, focus, and acuity
  • Help release toxic thoughts by empowering the individual to make positive changes
  • Stop energy leaks so that greater energy can be restored
  • Enhance quality of sleep  
  • Help support the immune system to overcome chronic and acute conditions
  • Help resolve years of built up worries, fears, anxieties, and anger
  • Help release memories held on a cellular level to resolve psychological conditions